Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Gift of Hope

Tomorrow is the most wonderful gift any of us have. Each day we wake up and in front of us is a box. Its beauty can’t be described and its contents are priceless. We look inside and we see endless possibilities, a chance to start anew, to love and laugh, to create, to dream, and a chance to make a difference in the world. When we take all those wonderful things out, we decide which ones to choose to make our days special. We look and see one more gift – hope, the hope of another tomorrow. When life gives you adversity and the word incurable is used, it can take away that precious gift.

I am so very grateful to all of you for your kind hearts and the generosity and support you have given me and my family and my foundation in the fight against Parkinson’s disease. Thank you for the gift of hope and a new tomorrow.   

Please make tomorrow special. Use the word love in place of the word hate.  Look for the ways we are the same, instead of the ways we are different. Look a stranger in the eyes and smile. That simple act of kindness could give someone a reason to hope and because of that decide to have a tomorrow.

Blessings and Merry Christmas to all.

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